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 What Is Sms Bomber?

Sms Bomber is a prank tool, Which can send huge amount of messages in one time. You can use it on your friends and irritate them.
Our Tools can send unlimited messages a time.
Just enter your friend's number (Target) and enter the limit (How much you want to send) and hit the submit button.
Also we have a unlimited sms bomber, just enter the mobile number which you want to bomb and hit the submit button. Close the tab when you want to stop bombing.

 How To Use Sms Bomber?

It is very easy to use our sms bomber tool. Just follow the steps carefully.
Step 1: Enter the number you want to bomb on the above form.
Step 2: Enter the value (How much you want to send) of the counter. (Remember: You can send 100 messages at a time) If you want to send unlimited meassages then you have to use the unlimited sms bomber option from our more tools section.
Step 3: Now hit the submit button and wait untill the success alert.

 How to protect from sms bomber?

Sms bomber tools are using diffrent apis to send text messages, so it's pretty hard to block them. However we have added a sms bomber protection option on our website which will not allow anyone to bomb your number using our platform.

 What Is use of Sms Bomber?

Basically, Sms bomber is a prank tool which you can use on your friends & family numbers. Our SMS bomber tool will send some OTP messages from different websites free of cost.